In April of 1976, 17 of the original 31 Moonlight Towers purchased by the city of Austin were inducted into the National Registry of Historical Places. 
Today the14 towers left standing are the last of their kind.
With this project I was posed with the challenge of rebranding these magnificent structures. Additionally, I created a prototype of a website that could be used to further educate the general public. 
The Brand
Concept: Light-Years Gone By 
This concept presents the Moonlight Towers as an iconic driving force in Austin's technological progression. It highlights the influence the Towers have had on technological advances in both the past and modern times.
Key words: Futuristic, dark, clean, technology
Defining Factors: Gradients, high quality images, low opacity, vector graphics

View my full deck and prototype below:

*Note: this prototype has been designed for and is best viewed on desktop.*

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