Music Zine
I believe that music has the power to connect people from all different walks of life. The communities that surround music have brought me an immense amount of comfort and support that I am extremely thankful for. This zine was created to convey one of my greatest beliefs in life.
This zine showcases an original chromatic type and abstract, free flowing background to fit the overarching theme of music. 
It was printed on the Risograph MZ1090 at St. Edward's University in the Fall of 2019.
This original typeface has been derived from Superclarendon Bold. During its construction, music notes were added as a simple decorative touch to tie together the musical concept. A drop shadow and outline was also added to provide depth and a sense of perspective to the typeface. 
The background is composed of a series of abstract free flowing lines which intertwine and overlap. These forms are meant to represent musical staffs, 2 voices or even 2 souls interacting with one another.
Movement and flow are present between the spreads in a way that is similar to how songs are composed.​​​​​​​
You can flip through the full Zine below. ​​​​​​​
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